Warren Conservation Commission

A Walk and Talk Where Woodland Meets the Sea: Jacob’s Point

April 7, 2024 at the Audubon Educational Center, Bristol, RI

Click here for a two-minute video of the walk    For a 39-minute version of the video go to https://youtu.be/w0GZDz-fneI

Environmentalist Greg Gerritt stands next to his video camera as Forester Doug Still introduces himself to the walkers.

Doug talks about the black tupelo trees behind him that typically grow close to shorelines as they can grow well in marshy areas.

Warren Conservation Commission member Butch Lombardi in the black jacket answers a question about invasive fragmites.



(Above) Donnie McGee of Bristol asks about the effect of sea level rise on the tupelo trees.





(Above) Gregg talks about the potential migration of tupelo trees along the coast before the group spots a red tailed hawk along the trail.





(Above center) Doug points out a royal oak tree that may have grown from an acorn brought in the ballast of a vessel hundreds of years ago.





(Above) The group spots a pair of osprey nesting on a platform in the marsh and uses the Merlin app to identify their calls.




(Above) Warren Conservation Commission member Keith Morton talks about the benefit of marshes mitigating the effects of sea level rise.

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