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Joseph Brito and Hugh Cole Monuments at the Meadows

(Top row) A replacement of the original 1917 monument marking the 1667 well at the site of Hugh Cole's home was dedicated in 2010.  A monument at Heritage Park was dedicated in 1997 to Joseph M. Brito, Sr. of Bristol, RI, who donated 18 acres of prime waterfront property for the benefit of the Town of Warren .

(Middle row) An interpretive sign at the site details the history of Hugh Cole's journey from Plymouth in 1667 to land he purchased from Metacomet on the Coles River in Swansea and then moved after the King Philip War to the land he purchased in 1677 where he dug the well. The original plaque describes him as "an honorable and useful citizen of Plymouth Colony."

(Bottom row) Boy Scouts from Troop 25 in Warren clear the area around the well in 2016 and pose for a photo.

Click here for photos and video of the September 4, 2010 rededication of the monument.

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