Partners Executive Director Dr. David Weed gave a presentation on "How to Lose Weight Without Going Hungry" as part of Bristol Community College's new Live Well @ BCC staff wellness program. The project is part of the "Working on Wellness" collaboration between the College, the Mass. Department of Public Health and Health Resources in Action and Advancing Wellness. Dr. Weed spoke about how low carbohydrate, high fat diets have repeatedly been  demonstrated to lead to significant weight loss, especially when compared to low-fat, calorie-restricted approaches. He disputed the USDA Dietary Guideline recommendations of the past forty years that have led to a national crisis of overweight and diabetes and pointed to research that does not support an association between saturated fats and heart disease. Click here for a 58-minute video of the presentation recorded by Steve Rys of Fall River Community Media. Click here for all of his and others' presentations on the topic. For more information, contact Dr. Weed at 508-837-9029. (Most photos by Michael Coughlin)

(Top row) Dr. Weed begins the presentation by reviewing what the research says about what works for weight loss as Enrollment Services Director Lucie Resendes, Testing Director Kristine Resendes, and Partners Outreach and Media Liaison Michael Coughlin listen. (Row two) Dr. Weed points out that the USDA Dietary Guidelines have failed to keep up with current research and have supported a forty year rise in obesity and diabetes rates. (Row three) Dr. Weed talks about how increasing dietary fat and decreasing carbohydrates results in weight loss and reduced hunger so that weight loss can easily be sustained. (Bottom row) Dr. Weed reviews the evidence that saturated fats are not associated with heart disease and that it is important to increase omega-3 fats and decrease omega-6 fats, particularly from highly refined seed oils as Nicole Parks and Filomena Ponte from the BCC Human Resources Department listen.

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